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My name is Larry Smith and I’m passionate about your online success! Whether your’re interested in carving out your own personal niche on the web, creating a website for your favorite hobby or business, or creating a lasting legacy online, I am here to here to encourage you.

Although I was an early adopter of personal computers when they first came out in the late 70s, I didn’t know a thing about domains, hosting, or how to make a website until 2011. You can find out more about my background in my ABOUT PAGE.

If you’re looking to create an authentic online presence and serve a legitimate business or personal need, and go about doing it the right way, then you can create an audience for your brand and exceed beyond your expectations.

There are many online resources and a plethora of software and apps coming out EVERY DAY that can help you build and manage your website, generate traffic, create videos, make money online, or ramp up your social media presence. Some charge for their services monthly, annually or are available for a one-time fee. 

There are even free services, and some may have limited functionality. My website and YouTube channels are designed to provide training for some of these resources, show you the best deals, and stay on top of the newest time-saving apps and online shortcuts,and if nothing else just have fun!

Let me start out by sending you a free gift. Please click below and I’ll send you a free video training course on how to publish and market an ebook on Amazon Kindle.

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Larry Smith

Video Influencer and Blogger who is passionate about using video technology and apps on a variety of social media sites.


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